Animal rescuers demand halt to putting dogs to sleep in the Municipal Animal Control Center

In a demonstration at the gates of the Municipal shelter, independent rescuers demanded that the killing of dogs be stopped….

The rescuers demanded that the City of Mérida stop the slaughter of dogs at the Municipal Animal Control Center (Cemca) in order to promote more adoptions.

In a small demonstration at the gates of the site located on the northern outskirts of the city, one rescuer, Míriam López, said that they are sacrificing animals every second day, without respecting the regulations so that the potential owner can claim it.

Also, she warned that the conditions are unhealthy, because many of the dogs lack veterinary attention, so they are ill with cancer, have injuries or other ailments.

She said that the animals were not taken into account in the web page, because she said that they are not “attractive” for the goal of the site.

Another rescuer, Maribel Sánchez, of the “Mano Canina” shelter, insisted that the time the dog should spend on the site before being put to sleep is not being respected, something that does not fulfill the purpose for which it was created.

For his part, Raúl Argáez Ortega, from the Animal Network of Yucatán, said that there are hundreds of people who are dedicated to rescue animals, which are not taken into account to encourage adoption, while asking that the issue of dogs could be on the agenda of popularly elected candidates.

He affirmed that the Animal Network has also been prey to threats from false profiles in social networks, who are calling for his activism against the policies of wildlife protection in the state.

The complainants affirmed that tomorrow they would hold another demonstration at the gates of the Municipal Palace to make their demands known to the municipal authorities.

Text: ACOM
Photo: Courtesy

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