Comprehensive Merida noise regs to be implemented in three months: official

The first stage of modification to the Regulation of Environmental Protection and Ecological Balance of the Municipality of Mérida was completed, and it is expected that within a period of no more than three months, once approved by the City Council, the new regulations will solve in an integral manner the noise problem in general.

This issue includes not only loud music generated by bars and clubs in the Historic Center, but would also regulate that shops do not take their speakers out to their doorsteps to promote their products, and would include workshops and even loud music on residents’ stereos.

At a press conference held at the Olimpo Cultural Center, a recount was made of the activities carried out to have the reform project ready, which is the result of several talks and meetings held between authorities, the neighborhood organization “Todos somos Mérida”, the Board of Trustees of the Historic Center and representatives of various business chambers, both in the restaurant industry and in shops and services, who were asked for opinions and observations.

Although the Secretary of the Commune, Alejandro Ruz Castro, avoided giving details of the content of the project because it will enter into a process of deliberation, he stressed that it seeks to guarantee social coexistence and give tools to citizens so that they can live harmoniously without noise.

He said that the modified regulation will contain obligations and deadlines for noise emitters to consider this type of environmental pollution and said that there will be provisions that will also be related to transport, in particular owners of motorcycles that have open exhaust pipes.

“Today there is a current norm that is insufficient, it does not establish that agencies of the City can exercise the powers of inspection, visit or sanction, the techniques and methods were not sufficient, a more efficient one is required,” he said.

Text: Manuel Pool Moguel
Photo: Courtesy

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