Ecological police are a sham, say Progreso citizens

PROGRESO — Several citizens of the Port of Progreso believe that the Ecological Police and the policies against discarding garbage that the present administration implemented are pure fiction, since in many points of the city rubbish continues occupying the streets, as has happened for many administrations.

Although the new Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi established these measures with all intentions of cleaning the port, citizens say that it has not been achieved even a bit, since people continue to throw garbage and outdoor dumps continue to proliferate.

And although the Ecological Police should put order among citizens and even punish those who discard waste, Progreseños say they only see them cruising on their motorbikes and bicycles without really making a change. Rather they are only “theater” since they are not changing the situation, and the rubbish is still the day to day life of the colonies and suburbs of Progreso.

Text and photo: David Correa

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