G500 and La Gas stations charge highest gasoline prices in Yucatan: survey

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, revealed that some gasoline station operators charge arbitrarily higher fuel prices to obtain higher profits.

According to AMLO, while Petróleos de Mexico (Pemex) sells gasoline at $16.00 pesos per liter, the entrepreneurs charge up to 20 pesos, in some cases, as happens with Magna (regular) gas.

Despite free competition, foreign brands allegedly came to the country to generate more competition and with it a balance and good demand for fuel towards consumers.

According to the survey released by the Federal Government, Shell is the brand that charges the highest gas prices in Yucatan, with Magna at $20.23 pesos.

Next is the company known as G500, which occupies second highest, after Shell, and which also has a presence in Yucatan, with an average price of Magna at $19.89 pesos per liter.

Another brand to mention among the highest prices is La Gas, with a total average cost of 87 octane at $19.51 pesos per liter. The first three of the list are the non-national companies that sell gas at highest prices.

In fourth place are Pemex gas stations, with an average of $19.51, similar with La Gas. Although it should be clarified that in the case of Pemex, gas stations having different “owners” have price variations.

Based on the official site “Guía Pemex”, there are multiple variations in the costs of fuel energy in this fourth gasoline company.

For example, in Chuburna de Hidalgo, the price of fuel is presented at $19.16 pesos for Magna and $20.51 for Premium.

Another that is found in the Colonia México Oriente has identical prices, that is, below the national average and even offers Diesel at $20.91 pesos.

Text: Iván Duarte
Photo: Amilcar Rodríguez

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