Gina Osorno & The Dreamers to perform jazz at El Cardenal Cantina Sept. 3

The extraordinary voice of the singer allows her to excel in a musical genre that few Yucatecans perform, but she has achieved acceptance among the meridano and foreign public…

With a 15-year career, the extraordinary voice of Gina Osorno consolidates the quality of her interpretations when venturing into jazz, as one of the musical genres that few Yucatecans have dared to interpret.

“I’ve been singing and creating songs for 15 years, because I’m also a composer, however, six years ago I became interested in jazz, and that’s why I decided to be part of the Jazz Sensitive band, with the musician Mauricio Boffil; then I was in the Merida Big Band with great success, until I decided to form my first group that was initially called Jazz Talking, which went to Gina Osorno & The Dreamers,” she said.

Accompanied always by excellent musicians, Gina Osorno is celebrating two years of having decided to enter the world of jazz, which has positioned her as the only jazz artist who plays in the city in a busy bar of the Barrio de Santiago. Next Monday, September 3, they will celebrate 2 years of jazz with an event at 7:30 p.m. at El Cardenal Cantina, located on 63rd Street by 70, in downtown Mérida.

Gina Osorno, who is also a graphic designer, pointed out that it was difficult to move away from her profession to dedicate herself more fully to jazz, since she likes the artistic part of graphic design.

She commented that she never thought that singing jazz would have the success she now has, so she considered it important to continue promoting this musical genre, which has not only had great acceptance among the meridanos but also among the foreign community based in the city, especially the North American

The singer said that in 2016 she started with jazz nights and since that year she has had pleasant experiences, since little by little a public that likes this genre has been created here in the Yucatan capital.

Text and photo: Jorge Euán

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