La Plancha proponents try to revive the stalled ‘Central Park’ project

Progress on Merida’s “Central Park” is very slow, almost imperceptible, which has caused disappointment and, to some extent, distance from those who at some point struggled to make this project the most important space for family and tourist coexistence.

A leader of the La Plancha association, Felix Rubio Villanueva, said what is necessary are social reactivation and participation in specific tasks, in order to promote the citizen project.

The rehabilitation of La Plancha was announced more than a year ago: it would stop being a railroad maneuvering center to become a large green space that connects the Historic Center, Paseo de Montejo, with this area. However, there is still a long way to go.

The land shines every day with more iron material, contrary to what was promised after the construction of the Railway Operations Center (COF), located in Poxilá, Umán municipality.

Currently La Plancha residents are working to keep alive the arborization of he perimeter of the area with the support of the City of Mérida, who will deliver a pump and hoses to facilitate irrigation.

Actions to revive the project

Rubio Villanueva said that next May 9, tentatively, collectives and area residents will be convened to implement affirmative actions for the project and its environment.

Hand in hand, they will be asked to reinforce the facilities and equipment of the Railway Museum with the construction of the Museum of Light, a project of the previous administration in coordination with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Also on the agenda is the creation of a sculpture space that complements the cultural presence of the Yucatan Higher School of Art and that enriches the activities offered in the neighborhood of La Plancha.

Text: Jesús Gómez
Photo: courtesy

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