Merida Mayor recognizes need for repairs in deteriorating central market

It will not be until the second half of the year when the Lucas de Gálvez market intervention takes place, where last week the roof of a jewelry repair shop collapsed, with no injuries or human losses.

Interviewed at the end of a visit to supervise the cleaning and maintenance of 10 public parks in the Historic Center, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha recalled that regardless of what Civil Protection is used to review the installation and structure of the market, the structure will be inspected inside the premises, in order to detect if any of the adjustments that the vendors have made generates any risk to the structure.

The mayor recalled that at the moment a project developed with the Patronato del Centro Histórico is being completed to intervene in certain areas of the San Benito market and to place in La Pepita a space that is in disuse and is now required.

“We are looking for spaces, we have nothing else to see that they are more effective,” said the mayor, who was clear in stating that if a demolition is required, it will be done, in case of safety risk. He recalled that in his first administration as mayor, the old meat area was demolished because the structure was already rusty and had the possibility of collapsing.

Barrera Concha clarified that the intervention will depend on the budget availability and on how advanced the technical project is, but said that there are enough resources to make the project a reality in the second half of the year.

“You have to analyze them very well, especially because of the intervention that must be done temporarily and by zones in order not to harm the tenants economically,” he said.

Text and photo: Manuel Pool

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