Merida, on the verge of collapse from contaminated water: activists 

Due to the pollution of the water table, mainly feces and pesticides, Merida is about to collapse, because by now “good water” is only located many meters below Yucatan’s surface, said chemical engineer Humberto Reyes Montiel.

Accompanied by José Luis Rivera Paz, both activists announced several measures to, in 15 years, reverse the pollution of the waters in the Yucatecan capital.

The first is to apply a census to determine the number of septic tanks and sewage wells in the city, said the activists. But the most important is that the authorities apply the Official Standard of pesticides, because in Yucatan we live in an upside-down world: 28 are prohibited throughout the country and two are allowed, while in Yucatan 28 are allowed and two are prohibited.

“We are about to collapse, and the tests will be two: the concealment of information by the authorities and the appearance of diarrheal diseases,” said Reyes Montiel.

He claimed that it is a lie that in Yucatan a drainage system is going to be built and the authorities that declare it are lying.

“The soil is Caucasian, it is pure stone, it is never going to be possible to build a sustainable drainage system that is promised,” he affirmed.

Text and photo: Esteban Cruz Obando

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