Beer promos on boardwalk have some Progreso residents fuming

PROGRESO — On the Malecón de Progreso, during the Easter holidays, several advertisements, signs, and points of promotion and sales of well-known beer brewers were installed, which attracted the attention of passers-by.

These structures and signs have generated divided opinions, since there are those who mention that they do not distract in the least; however, other people point out that this falls into the category of visual pollution.

The ads belong to the beer company of the Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma / Heineken México, who in fact have exclusivity on the Progreso boardwalk. This company placed among other things a point of recycling and a huge structure that forms the word Heineken, which has generated the greatest controversy.

The huge sign occupies much of the sidewalk at the beginning of the boardwalk; in that sense, citizens indicate that it practically overshadows the photographic backdrop of the letters of “Progreso” that should be the main attraction at the beginning of the malecón.

In addition to this mega sign, there are other smaller ones on the facades of several restaurants on the Malecón, which also contribute to this visual contamination that some citizens criticize.

Text and photo: David Correa

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