‘Neighborhood Police’: Citizens show little interest in aiding Progreso patrols

The Municipal Police of Progreso has been trying to integrate a neighborhood police force together with citizens of the port and its outlying communities. However, citizens have been reluctant and disinterested in this project, according to municipal police officers in charge.

Although the invitation has been made, there was not very good response, as citizens are afraid to be part of a vigilance and reporting group, or simply do not show confidence in the municipal police. The locality where there was least response was in San Ignacio, in contrast to Flamboyanes and Chelem, where a little more people participated and became interested in the program.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Police program is to increase the sense of security of the citizens and reduce the fear of crime; consequently, it is intended to change the negative perception that residents have about the police. It also seeks the formation of neighborhood committees promoting coexistence among citizens, in the various colonias, sections and outlying areas of the port.

Once the neighborhood groups are formed, it is intended to have regular meetings in which the main security problems can be discussed, in order to reduce crime and implement surveillance with the help of citizens. through anonymous calls.

The police in charge of this program invite Progreso residents to come in the following weeks to the points in the municipal seat where these committees will be forming in the mornings.

Text and photo: David Correa

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