Progreso’s fight against garbage continues on land and sea

PROGRESO — Garbage collection is a constant theme in the Port of Progreso; however, in streets and parks to beaches and wetlands, the amount of waste is still abundant.

For this reason, it is important that actions be taken, such as the Temporary Employment Program organized by the State Government during the closure of the grouper fishing season, as well as the “Clean Progreso Challenge” project of the City Council of this port.

According to the Director of Public Services and Ecology, Karim Dib López, in both projects large amounts of garbage have been collected, in this regard he stressed that within the framework of the Progreso Limpio Challenge, only in the previous month the collection of more than 150 tons of garbage was achieved .

“We were working in the areas of caleta, playón, and lately in the zone of the bridges of the old highway to Chelem and in the accesses to the industrial park Yucalpetén; in the latter, more than 25 tons were collected, together with personnel from the Directorate of Tourism, Fisheries, the PET program, Cetmar, Cobay and Technological schools, as well as volunteers and personnel from the Services Directorate. Public and Ecology, with dump trucks and machinery,” explained the official.

On another front, mayor Julian Zacarias Curi, during the signing of the agreement entitled “Promoting a Sustainable Fishery”, which aims to implement actions in favor of a sea without plastics, mentioned that in the municipality through the Directorate of Fisheries they have formed diver brigades where they have detected about 24 tons of garbage in the marine subsoil, which will be extracted in diving projects from docks and in the open waters.

Finally, the mayor indicated that there is still a lot of work to be done to clean the port, and that it also takes the consciousness of citizens to stop randomly discarding their waste.

Text and photo: David Correa

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