Progreso’s potable-water crisis deepens

The director of Smapap, Freddy Pech Martínez, said that the paramunicipal agency paid the Federal Electricity Commission, but that they still owe the amount of 800 thousand pesos…

PROGRESO — At the height of vacation season, when the population in the municipality triples and the number of beach houses are occupied one hundred percent, the lack of pressure and severe shortage of drinking water is visible throughout the city and summer area of ​​this port and neighboring communities.

Users of Progreso water service, such as José Patrón, complained that in their properties the water arrives in squirts and for only a few hours.

The director of Smapap, Freddy Pech Martínez, informed that the paramunicipal paid the Federal Electricity Commission an amount higher than 800 thousand pesos; although there is still to be settled an amount of one million pesos corresponding to the month of July and what corresponds to the current month of August.

“Since Saturday there is a shortage of drinking water on the way to my home, and as I researched, there are also problems in other parts of the city, so I contacted Smapap and a secretary told me that the cause of this is the lack of pressure,” he said.

Other affected users said that they were informed that the service will gradually be normalized.
Officials point out that, in principle, the problem of water scarcity is because there high temperatures and high water consumption, in addition to that there is high occupacy of summer houses and that in many properties the seasonal residents fill their pools.

Both in the municipal capital and neighboring Chicxulub and Chelem, families of different colonies suffer from a shortage of drinking water and many citizens fear that this problem will worsen with the start of the school year.

“We do not even have to bathe and classes are coming, how are we going to send our children to school?” Said Maria Lopez, Flamboyanes resident.

In Chelem the inhabitants indicate that for several days there has been a scarcity of the vital liquid in the middle of the holiday season, which is when the summer properties are occupied.

Santiago Valle, a resident of Chelem, pointed out that there are full days when there is no supply of drinking water and sometimes only in the mornings or in the afternoons, which causes problems for many families who are struggling for their work.

In colonies west of Chicxulub, neighbors reported that the scarcity of the vital element is registered mainly because the temporary occupants occupy their homes and consume a lot of water because they fill their pools, wash the residences and numerous vehicles.

Text and photo: José Luis Chavarría

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