Yucatan near to landing major foreign investors: official

The Yucatan Minister of Economic Development says that currently the state is in negotiations with companies in China and Japan in the aeronautical and automobile sectors…

The Secretary of Economic Development (Sefoe), Ernesto Herrera Novelo, informed that currently the state is in negotiations with companies from China and Japan in the aeronautical and automobile sectors to invest in Yucatan. The talks are so advanced that, he said, “soon there will be good news.”

In an interview the head of Sefoe said that these new investments, the arrival of the Special Economic Zone and Leoni’s new automotive-parts factory, are steps that have been taken to reach the automotive cluster that the current government is looking for.

“We want to think about a future not too far away in which we have a car assembler, and we have already advanced a lot in this route, to the extent that we have proven that it is a reality to have world class companies; now we are in negotiations with other industries so that they can settle in the state, both in Japan and China,” he said.

He said he cannot give the name of the investors because they are in the negotiation process and they have to sign confidentiality agreements, and until it is a fact they cannot make announcements to avoid generating financial problems.

“We are talking about automotive-parts industries, but not only that sector, because there are others from the area of ​​technology that may come. The announcements could be made in the time that remains to the governor’s term, but we are sure that both in this branch and in the aeronautical sector, there will soon be good news for Yucatan because we are on the right track,” he said.

He even affirmed that the governor is currently negotiating in the United States for the arrival of natural gas, because all these industries will also need the energy to operate more efficiently.

“We believe that in this issue we will have a good progress during the next months; I hope that before Governor Zapata Bello leaves, he can announce that the negotiation has been finalized,” he concluded.

Text: Roberto Ojeda
Photo: Agencies

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